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In the mids of December,
A 16 like morning I remember,
White cold place with sheets around,
A young visitor came for us to bind,
Strips and chains shackle us for life,
Into the raising and loving of a child.

My son, young Sebastian, young visitor,
Came to us by chance, by luck of destiny,
No more words to say,
You came here we want you to stay.
Child of mine be strong in this world,
Destroyed it is but we need to hold,
Our joined forces, our dad and son team,
We will be the answer when you turn 18.

Let's go son, we are waiting for you the 16.
- Poetic Father


Suyapa Saldivar
12/12/2013 6:31pm

Nice poem dady, God Bless you all. Hugs


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