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Why? Why does every morning starts with a bitter taste on my lips... A taste of loneliness! Such flavor in my mouth revolves my mind in a swirl of nostalgia, sorrowful awake. Can't get enough of the sheets on my bed, trapping me with smooth cold fibers. Trying to chain me of my movements, imprisoned into my mourn. Constant overide of thoughs hunting my days, memories of you. Your lost eyes, sharp lips, small teeth, white sensible cheeks, beautiful silhoutte, gorgeous smile and everlasting warmth in your arms. Can't get enough of your kisses on my fictional dreams. Making your life one with mine is what my heart aims. Be my mercenary love without rules without acceptance of them. Lets live the future on luxurious cities. In the waters of venice let me grasp your face with tip of my fingers. In Paris let me kiss you at the top of Eiffel where air draws inside and between our crossing lips. In Dubai let me take your hand to explore every inch of the city where I'll hug you.. Kiss you... Love you.
Oh dear, I just went on again daydreaming, lessening this bitter taste on my mouth... Not enough, but your lips would do.
- Poetic Bastard


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