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Hellow to all you eager writers with undescovered talent! We invite you to take part on our long term project 'Words Alliance'. This project is to get to promote your skills and talent anonymously, or with your name.

It's a chance to enhance your writing skills, also to practice and stat letting the world you got what it takes to be a good writer! Don't let this opportunity pass!

-Poetic Bastard
¡Excelentes noticias para todas las personas que hablan español!
Ahora tenemos nuestro blog dedicado a todas las personas que deseen leer y escribir poemas en español. Para poner tu poema en español, simplemente ponlo en "Submit your poem" siendo tal en español. Siempre incrementando nuestro mundo literario y cultural.
-Poetic Bastard 
Excellent news for all of you spanish writers and readers! 
We now have our page dedicated to submit only Spanish poems, songs, lyrics, stories, etc! You can now invite anyone who speeks spanish, or yourself! Expanding our literary work to all frontiers!
-Poetic Bastard
We have one of our sister page, amochocolate.weebly.com being held as a great page to learn everything you need to know for chocolate, how to make it, process it and raise cocoa plants! Really... Delicious reading! Enjoy writers and readers.
- Poetic Bastard
We got exciting news for you! Opening now "Submit your Poem" and also "Words Alliance"! Now you can submit your poem with a pseudonym or your name, and it will be published live through Words Alliance! It may take some time until we check your work, which could be poem, story, song, or anything you want to write! Be sure to check it out!
Start Writing!
-Poetic Bastard.
Next on the list... Spanish Poems and writers alliance! We will have a unique blog for any other writer that wants to submit its poems with their name or nickname! Wait for it... It's coming!
I know it is not the easiest, the brightest or happiest path I need to walk into your heart... Either it may be or not so dark, my life will Shine with you at my side, and your kisses will revive this exhausted soul from the ground. Your arms will energize my soul! Come on, Give Into Me and lets shine bright! - Poetic Bastard