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-Poetic Bastard.
I've set my mind straight to the path of you. Playing old school baby! Sweet flowers, chocolates and  romantic songs. Making you fall like in 1799.
Darling just wait and see. We will enjoy a thousand sunsets in a thousand different places. Deep inside you let me ignite the spark of your love.
There is no time to think no time to waste. Drop yourself at my command, fall beneath the stars to my arms.
Get tight between my squeeze. Forced to my chest. Smelling your sweet scent, so intoxicating dear. 
Baby what you got is poison to my senses. Your eyes staring at mine makes a shiver down my spine. The smell of the closeness between us makes me wonder. Tension builds up like a rocket being inches from you.
I just want to grasp your skin... Hug you bear like... Kiss you endlessly... Love you inmortal like. Be your new beginning, and be your last end... You and I, chemistry that blends. 
- Poetic Bastard