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We are like a bunch of contestans in life...
Driving each other mad for the sake of hope, endless hope.
Where most dont strive, we try, we sweat, we die...
Merry Christmas to all our readers and writers!
Thankyou for a wonderful beginning in our poetic project! We hope to reach higher limits until we reach none limit! Have nice holidays with your family and friends! Always invite someone whos alone. Blessings and good reading to all!
-Poetic Bastard

Only You



You keep crying... You keep saying it hurts.
And it doesnt stop, not even in the coldest night.
Are you in need of my love? In need for my warmth?
So much you go through, is it worth it?
Don't stay tonight, just live alright.
Together we will some day, live happily my dear..

-Poetic Bastard
Why do we wait so much for love?
Why do we suffer so much for love?
But above all...
Why can't we live without love?
-Poetic Bastard
One turn to the left
Move me to the right
Baby stop moving like that
It makes my body gets stiff
So much turns my body cant hold
Wheres the magic in your hips?
Dangerous curves at every corner
No more dancing tonight
Tomorow I wont even wake right
Soared by friction where who knows...
-Poetic Bastard
So much for this feel, so much for stress.
Something you can control, you cant dismiss.
It takes toll on you, after so much work.
Needs of rest, needs to fall.
Morfeo gets to embrace us in dim lights.
Go on, kneel and fall
It's time, to dream on freedom.
-No one knows
Can't remember last time I didn't had to wake up at an alarm,
Hellish sound any it may be, gets annoying at 5am.
Just to wind up this lonely street,
Filled of toxic sleep that tries to bind me.
No where else to go; I can not escape.
Big responsabilities brings much suffocating times.
Hold on! It will last as much as you want.
-Poetic Bastard
Life seems so meaningless... Is it relative for each of us?
Or am I just to blind to see...
-Poetic Bastard
When a baby cries, it's in need for food or comfort.
When a woman cries, it's for love and selfesteem.
When a man cries, it's for sorrow and weakness. 
Innocent baby, foolish woman, regreting man... 
Our cry brings humanity closer to redemption! Closer to being "Human". 
-Poetic Bastard
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-Poetic Bastard